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I am passionate about researching by the creation of innovative ideas, enriching my life and the life of each person constituting the society globally.


One of my key pillars is to provide my effort and motivation daily in order to do a great job. This fulfills me with energy and passion for what I love.


My ability to manage and lead projects and work teams in order to achieve satisfactory results would enrich us all.


I am passionate about transferring my knowledge and my expertise to all those people interested, thus building a knowledge-based society where all of us rely on our knowledge to create a better world.


Dra. Juana María Vázquez Lara

HEAD of studies of the midwifery teaching unit of the health area of ceuta. National Coordinator of the OBSTETRIC-gynecologic emergency work group of the spanish society for emergency nursing (SEEUE)

Luciano, you deserve to be called FRIEND; I can always count on you, you are always here. Although I like you, I am objective when I evaluate you and I am more exigent than anyone else who has not met you yet, you know that I have a critical eye. Discreet, hard worker and competitive, innovative, you search constantly the excellence in each task that you perform. You pass through the world in continue creative effervescence. When you believe something is worth it, your unflagging spirit is enviable. A great professional from whom we can always learn and in permanent search for your personal and professional growth. You are a human being that always makes significant contributions to people around you. Being close to you is an outstanding pleasure. I am grateful because you made room in your life for me.

Dr. Ruben Omar Barakat Carballo

PhD Physical activity and sport sciences. Associate professor at the technical university of madrid. director of the research group “physical-sport activity in specific populations” (AFIPE). author of many papers published in the most relevant national and international journals of the sector. Author of the book “exercise training during pregnancy”

The knowledge about the influence of exercise training during pregnancy on maternal, fetal and even newborn health has become a significant challenge for the scientific community in recent decades. In this regard, the study conducted by Luciano Rodríguez et al., using Pilates technique as an interventional element, represents a significant advancement that allows researchers to confirm that a moderate and supervised physical exercise during pregnancy is a valid agent for the improvement of the wellbeing of mothers and their offspring.

Dr. Juan Gómez Salgado

Vice dean of The school of health sciences of huelva

Luciano is an outstanding professional. The qualities of a clinical expert, lecturer and researcher with leadership skills and motivator are combined in the same person. Anyone that works with him would be lucky. He is a kind of person from whom we can learn each day that we have the luck to spend with him.

Dr. Diego Ayuso Murillo

General Secretary of The national general nursing council for Spain.

Luciano is an impressive professional, proactive in all professional spheres, as widwife, manager, lecturer and researcher. I remember when he traveled from his home to MADRID for a stay to learn more about nursing management at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital, he did it voluntarily and paying out of his own pocket. Without any doubt, he is a reference for nurses in our country.

Roberto Lambrushini

BSC physical activity and sport sciences. Pilates teacher.

Luciano is an excellent professional, yearning for constant improvement. He propagates and spreads his enthusiasm, proactivity, and specially his willingness to turn work into a passion. My experience working with him as teachers of health care professionals was highly satisfactory. Undoubtedly, he is an example to follow.

Dra. Lynne Robinson

Profesora en la Universidad de Staffordshire | Founder Body Control Pilates | Experta Internacional en Pilates y embarazo

For years we have seen that women have benefitted from Pilates pre- and postnatally, but evidence has been mainly anecdotal and there has been very little medical research until now. On behalf of the Pilates industry I must thank Dr Luciano Rodriguez-Diaz for the excellence of his work on the benefits of Pilates in this population.

His thesis ‘Effectiveness of a physical activity programme based on the Pilates method in pregnancy and labour’ is ground-breaking. The outcomes are exciting and confirmed what we have seen in our own clients. Among the benefits reported by our mothers doing regular Pilates are better posture, improved core stability, fewer aches and pains, more efficient breathing, improved pelvic floor tone and control and, perhaps most important of all, greater body awareness and stamina for the labour and delivery itself.

I was personally honoured when Dr Rodriguez-Diaz told me that he respected our Body Control Pilates approach to teaching Pilates. I am hoping that his thesis and the team’s outstanding work at Comatronas will convince the medical profession to recommend, and mothers-to-be worldwide to practise, Pilates.